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Recovery · 09. November 2018
As you now know, sleep is an active rather than passive process. Let's go through the biological functions happening during sleep.
Recovery · 18. September 2018
What happens with brain activity when you're meditating?

Nutrition · 03. September 2018
The Ketogenic diet does not mean you live on bacon. It's a high-fat, low carbohydrate dietary pattern. The break down of the micronutrients is typically...
Biohacking · 23. August 2018
What happens to the body from a nutritional standpoint where things go haywire and affect the brain and most importantly how to fix them.

Biohacking · 21. August 2018
Our sensory system has several components. Mainly receptors that become activated by changes in the environment. The magnitude of sensation is related to the number of receptors activated. And the greater the stimulus, the more receptors become activated and the longer the effect. Non-painful stimuli cause what we call sensory adaptation, so you don't constantly feel your socks, for example. Whereas painful stimuli cause potentiation or sensitization, meaning the pain gets worse as it goes on
Biohacking · 08. August 2018
We will weave our way through the history of nutrition research, learn some primers on nutrition and digestion, and then discuss how poor nutrition leads to disease in the body and the brain specifically. We'll then wrap up with a look at different diets that can help reverse this.