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Biohacking · 27. August 2018
All of these studies showed either no effect on cholesterol when saturated fat was replaced with vegetable oils, or worse, showed that you were better off being on the control diet.
Biohacking · 25. August 2018
Historical research behind dietary recommendations in the US. Dr. Ancel Keys, a famous researcher in the 50s through the 90s, traveled the world discovering diets and their effects on health.

Biohacking · 23. August 2018
What happens to the body from a nutritional standpoint where things go haywire and affect the brain and most importantly how to fix them.
Biohacking · 21. August 2018
Our sensory system has several components. Mainly receptors that become activated by changes in the environment. The magnitude of sensation is related to the number of receptors activated. And the greater the stimulus, the more receptors become activated and the longer the effect. Non-painful stimuli cause what we call sensory adaptation, so you don't constantly feel your socks, for example. Whereas painful stimuli cause potentiation or sensitization, meaning the pain gets worse as it goes on

Biohacking · 18. August 2018
We're going to uncover what sleep is and explore the stages of sleep and the corresponding electrical activity in the brain. We will then dive into the intricacies of the neurobiology of sleep, what sleep does, what sleep deprivation leads to, and finally, what you can do to improve your sleep.
Biohacking · 15. August 2018
Meditation and its effects on the brain. Meditation is a popular term that has infiltrated every culture. Originally a practice started thousands of years ago in eastern cultures and the Buddhist religion, it was picked up by other world religions. But today, it's a secular practice.

Biohacking · 12. August 2018
We'll look at the science supporting the effects of exercise on a healthy brain and on brains afflicted with disease. We'll also explore several types of exercise.