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Recovery · 09. November 2018
As you now know, sleep is an active rather than passive process. Let's go through the biological functions happening during sleep.
Recovery · 22. September 2018
Most meditation research has focused on practices that emphasize calming the mind, improving focused attention, or developing mindfulness. Most recently, neuroscience research has turned...

Recovery · 20. September 2018
Recent studies show that meditation increases the size of your brain. Particularly the gray matter, which is where the bodies of your neurons are and the processors of your brain...
Recovery · 18. September 2018
What happens with brain activity when you're meditating?

Recovery · 18. September 2018
Meditation is the mother term of all practices for mental training, just like conditioning is all types of muscle exercise. You can exercise your muscles...
Prevention · 13. September 2018
The mind concept is often one that evades us because we can't clearly see it. You can see movement, you can see breathing, but you can't see the mind. Yet the mind is partly made up of your thoughts...

Fitness · 07. September 2018
Fitness training was found to have robust, but selective benefits for cognition, with the largest fitness induced benefits occurring for executive functions...
Nutrition · 29. August 2018
When insulin resistance affects the brain, it is deleterious. It interferes with metabolism, promotes inflammation, and inhibits the cleanup process of proteins from the brain. So those proteins accumulate and cause toxicity.

Biohacking · 21. August 2018
Our sensory system has several components. Mainly receptors that become activated by changes in the environment. The magnitude of sensation is related to the number of receptors activated. And the greater the stimulus, the more receptors become activated and the longer the effect. Non-painful stimuli cause what we call sensory adaptation, so you don't constantly feel your socks, for example. Whereas painful stimuli cause potentiation or sensitization, meaning the pain gets worse as it goes on
Biohacking · 18. August 2018
We're going to uncover what sleep is and explore the stages of sleep and the corresponding electrical activity in the brain. We will then dive into the intricacies of the neurobiology of sleep, what sleep does, what sleep deprivation leads to, and finally, what you can do to improve your sleep.

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