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Recovery · 09. November 2018
As you now know, sleep is an active rather than passive process. Let's go through the biological functions happening during sleep.
Fitness · 07. September 2018
Fitness training was found to have robust, but selective benefits for cognition, with the largest fitness induced benefits occurring for executive functions...

Nutrition · 31. August 2018
As we've seen fat may not be a villain, but what else? Should we be consuming more vitamins because we are not eating enough fruits and vegetables?
Biohacking · 18. August 2018
We're going to uncover what sleep is and explore the stages of sleep and the corresponding electrical activity in the brain. We will then dive into the intricacies of the neurobiology of sleep, what sleep does, what sleep deprivation leads to, and finally, what you can do to improve your sleep.

Biohacking · 08. August 2018
We will weave our way through the history of nutrition research, learn some primers on nutrition and digestion, and then discuss how poor nutrition leads to disease in the body and the brain specifically. We'll then wrap up with a look at different diets that can help reverse this.
Prevention · 06. May 2018
Skeletal muscle cramps during or shortly following after an exercise in healthy individuals have been termed "Exercise Associated Muscle Cramp. There´s currently no scientific prove for the cause that is widely accepted. Theories for the cause relate to observational studies rather than sound experimental scientific evidence. That´s why treatment methods...