Recovery · 09. November 2018
As you now know, sleep is an active rather than passive process. Let's go through the biological functions happening during sleep.
Recovery · 23. October 2018
As your day progresses, the homeostatic sleep drive is regulated by hormones in the body...

Recovery · 22. September 2018
Most meditation research has focused on practices that emphasize calming the mind, improving focused attention, or developing mindfulness. Most recently, neuroscience research has turned...
Recovery · 20. September 2018
Recent studies show that meditation increases the size of your brain. Particularly the gray matter, which is where the bodies of your neurons are and the processors of your brain...

Recovery · 18. September 2018
What happens with brain activity when you're meditating?
Recovery · 18. September 2018
Meditation is the mother term of all practices for mental training, just like conditioning is all types of muscle exercise. You can exercise your muscles...

Recovery · 26. March 2018
Not every body is the same and so isn´t everybody.
Recovery · 15. February 2018
What are the next steps to continue with our regeneration timetable after the first recovery drink and the cool down? So here is how I continue to get back into training as fast as possible.

Recovery · 23. January 2018
Many athletes think little of regeneration - too much time lost. But recovery is important. How do you actively approach the race break after a competition...