CAMP - Center for Advanced Management Programs


Now it´s time to get your unfair advantage! Most of the people are not living their full potential! You took part in Harvards, Yales, HSG AMP? 

Then you´re far away of being ready for the real challenges you´ll be facing on a long distance OCR, in business or private life - mentally. Therefore I created the "Beastcamp" - Basic Earth Air Sea Training Center for Advanced Management - to challenge everybody as an individual and team. You will not only reach your limits but surpass them.


So what?

The Beastcamp includes multiple hours designed to make sure you achieve your goal and master your toughest obstacle -YOU! You´ll become race-/businessproof - mentally and physically. 


How much?

Starting at $9.995 p.P./p.m. months for small groups of up to 9 people. Want to have the real deal? Request a 1o1 - here!


Where/ When?

Wherever you are! (Additional charges may apply)


What do I get?

You´re getting a life changing experience that combines leadership & sport principles, combined with the nutrition to suit your needs and strategies to become more successful in your business - easy to intergrate in your daily routine.


Want to turn a $300.000 investment into $3.000.000?

Easier done than said! Start NOW!