Healthy employees are the fundamental part of a succesful company. We help you increase the long-term productivity of your most valuable asset.


Employees have individual challenges and potential that can be dealt with using different tools. Our approach is a holistic Well-Being Portfolio from which we select and apply relevant tools and measure their success in order to maintain or adapt the course to reach the desired goals. In order to achieve the best possible effect, we make use of a portfolio of concepts, products and services - in some cases in collaboration with partners. Healthy employees are the fundamental part of a succesful company. 

Well-Being Consulting & Supervisison

We advise and train those responsible within the organisation 




We identify suitable internal or external managers for your organization who can take care of the issue as "Chief Well-Being Officer" full-time or part-time


We assume the role of "Chief Well-Being Officer" in a part-time capacity ourselves 



Stefan Becker

Scientific, Sports and Nutrition Partner


Stefan is a passionate entrepreneur and successful athlete. He founded his first company at the age of 20 and later sold it to a medium-sized financial company. Sports and mental performance are more than just buzzwords for him. Today, he skilfully builds bridges between the sports (national champion TKD, World Cup, European Championship participant OCR) and the business community by enabling people around the world to reach peak performance - be it via individual coaching or through motivating lectures. Privately, he enjoys a quiet life with his family as a source of recreation.

Aladar Tepelea

Employee Experienceand Technology Partner


Aladar is enthusiastic about the topics of personal development and new technologies, which he also regularly deals with professionally in his work as an innovation consultant. He loves to play basketball and badminton in his free time and is former Austrian Federal Champion in Greco-Roman wrestling. Aladar pays attention to his nutrition according to the philosophy: Like in competitive sports, top performance in business can only be achieved with a focus on physical needs and development potential.