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Meet the team in person and get informed of how you can transform into the best version of youself. We help you to get there by helping you finding patterns that work for you. Better sleep, enhanced performance, improved focus...just results!

No Excuses. Active Sports Camp.


Hosted by the Hotel Säntispark and Active Sports Camp I´m happy again to be part of the team to help you get better at the sport you love - OCR.


Working on your skills in running, throwing, grip strength, avoiding penalties and getting to know the difference between "straight burpees" and "competition burpees"


Sounds technical and at the end it´s all about YOU...having fun. Join us!




Break Your Limits - What successful Ultra Athletes and Business Leaders have in common!


How can we transfer knowledge both ways and what can we leran from each other? 


Helping business leaders from the ME to get an insight on how to gain an unfair advantage and how to outperform their peers. Something you shouldn´t miss.


Speaking at the Middle East Family Office Summit


Invitation only!



Together with the Swiss Biohacking Collective we introduce some provocative, informative, and inspiring presentations meant to invigorate you.


Biohacking became a mega trend over the last years. But what exactly is biohacking? Biohacking is the optimization of body and mind to enhance your performance through fitness, nutrition, optimized sleeping patterns and mindfulness.


The results are: better fat metabolism, more energy, improved focus, less diseases...and many more!


Sign up now for just 119,-

BeastCAMP is nothing more but a life changing experience that combines leadership & sport principles, combined with the nutrition to suit your needs and strategies to become more successful in your business - easy to intergrate in your daily routine.


October 27-28. / November 24-25.


Join any of the dates for CHF695,- or join on both sessions for just CHF999,-

Sie haben von einem Bootcamp gehört, Marathon, Spartan Beast, ...? Dann sind Sie immer noch weit davon entfernt für die echten Herausforderungen des Lebens, privat wie auch geschäftlich. Sie werden in diesem Camp „sterben und neugeboren“ - mental! Aus diesem Grund bieten wir im NO EXCUSES – active sports camp ein herausragendes Training an. Sie werden an Ihre persönlichen Grenzen stossen und noch einen Schritt weitergehen...


Freitag: 15:00 Anreise & Check-In Hotel Säntispark

16:00 Treffpunkt in der Pit Stop Lounge & Bar Meet & Greet mit Coach Stefan Becker (Vize-Weltmeister im Team Spartan Ultra auf Island, Coach Spartan SGX L2, National Trainer der SOSF Swiss Obstacle Sport Federation und Leiter Entwicklung beim internationalen Verband FISO)


Samstag: Ab 07:00 Vital-Frühstück

Ca. 9:00 Start Beast Camp (Dauer 4 bis 6 Stunden, im Raum Abtwil St.Gallen)


Danach Zeit für Wellness & Fitness im Freizeitzentrum Säntispark


19:00 3-Gang-Abendessen im Restaurant Schnabelweid Erfahrungsaustausch mit OCR Wettkämpfer Stefan Becker


Sonntag: Ab 07:00 Vital-Frühstück 12:00 Check-Out

Strong Viking Ultra 29. September


60+ km packed with more than 120 obstacles


The longer the distance the more demanding the obstacles. Mostly fun ex OCR Series. If you miss an obstacle you have to do 10-20 burpees. 

Spartan Race Oberndorf - 8.9. September


Sprint 5km+/ Super 13km+/ Beast 20km+ less technical more strength related obstacles. Course characteristic is depending on terrain.


HH - task oriented running. No specific distance. Event lasts between 12-16h and you have to clear individual and team tasks.

It all started with the Beastmotion.ch Race Team.  We look forward to athletes from the sports of climbing, OCR, (trail-)running and cross training, who pursue their favorite sport with love and dedication, whether as a rookie, hobby athlete, ambitious age grouper or competitive athlete - it doesn´t matter to us. Fun first!


Beastmotion.ch assists all team members in achieving their personal athletic goals with a range of benefits and events. Beastmotion.ch supports team spirit through joint, optional events and training opportunities. There are multiple benefits you receive as a team member. Are you convinced, then apply today!