Health Conscious Nutrition

I´m using HCN instead of diet as this most of the time is associated with weight reduction and misunderstood most of the time.


It´s is not about pointing fingers on special foods, it´s more about raising awareness what is good for you - and what works for you. I´m just telling you what´s scientifically proven and what works. No lies about magic food - no short cuts.


It is really simple with no strict rules. Everybody is unique and so is his/ her metabolism. Stop counting calories - don´t work, and I tell you why.

You may hear about the unconvenient truth and the commonalities of sugar and cocain and how they affect your body/ brain.


Supplements can make sense in HCN in special situations like peak training sessions, prior to a tough business decision or where there is extra need for better focus.


!Please consult an experienced nutritionis before taking any supplements!

The right nutrition can make a major change. Not only talking about water.


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